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Electric Generator free essay sample

In electricity generation, an electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. A generator forces electrons in the windings to flow through the external electrical circuit. It is somewhat analogous to a water pump, which creates a flow of water but does not create the water inside. The source of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbine steam engine, water falling through a turbine or waterwheel, an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine, a hand crank, compressed air or any other source of mechanical energy. The reverse conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done by an electric motor, and motors and generators have many similarities. In fact many motors can be mechanically driven to generate electricity, and very frequently make acceptable generators. Jedliks dynamo Main article: Jedliks dynamo In 1827, Hungarian Anyos Jedlik started experimenting with electromagnetic rotating devices which he called electromagnetic self-rotors. We will write a custom essay sample on Electric Generator or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the prototype of the single-pole electric starter (finished between 1852 and 1854) both the stationary and the revolving parts were electromagnetic. He formulated the concept of the dynamo at least 6 years before Siemens and Wheatstone but didnt patent it as he thought he wasnt the first to realize this. In essence the concept is that instead of permanent magnets, two electromagnets opposite to each other induce the magnetic field around the rotor. It was also the discovery of the principle of self-excitation. [1] ] Faradays disk Faraday disk, the first electric generator. The horseshoe-shaped magnet (A) created a magnetic field through the disk (D). When the disk was turned this induced an electric current radially outward from the center toward the rim. The current flowed out through the sliding spring contact m, through the external circuit, and back into the center of the disk through the axle. In the years of 1831–1832, Michael Faraday discovered the operating principle of electromagnetic generators. The principle, later called Faradays law, is that an electromotive force is generated in an electrical conductor that encircles a varying magnetic flux. He also built the first electromagnetic generator, called the Faraday disk, a type of homopolar generator, using a copper disc rotating between the poles of a horseshoe magnet. It produced a small DC voltage. This design was inefficient due to self-cancelling counterflows of current in regions not under the influence of the magnetic field. While current was induced directly underneath the magnet, the current would circulate backwards in regions outside the influence of the magnetic field. This counterflow limits the power output to the pickup wires and induces waste heating of the copper disc. Later homopolar generators would solve this problem by using an array of magnets arranged around the disc perimeter to maintain a steady field effect in one current-flow direction.

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The English Reformation Essay Thesis Example For Students

The English Reformation Essay Thesis Category:HistoryPaper Title:The English Reformation: Religion, Politics, and CultureText:The Protestant Reformation played an extraordinary part in European faith,culture, and politics. Even though the Reformation began in Germany in 1517 andspread throughout Europe very quickly, England remained Catholic for more than15 years before crossing over to Protestantism. Henry VIIIs desire for a maleheir precipitated the Protestant Reformation in England in 1527. In 1509 Henry married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. She bore theirfirst and only child, Princess Mary. Henrys disappointment led to his affairwith Anne Boleyn, who was a Protestant. He tried to get out of his marriage toCatherine on several occasions. He first claimed that his marriage was invaliddue to the fact that Catherine was the widow of his brother Arthur, Prince ofWales. Henry sent Cardinal Thomas Wosley to Rome to argue his claim. PopeClement VII threw out that claim because he had given Henry special dispensationto marry Catherine. Henry then replaced Wosley with Sir Thomas More, but thePopes ruling stayed the same. The Pope was deeply influenced by Charles V,Holy Roman Emperor, the Catholic nephew of Catherine of Aragon. He would nottolerate a divorce, and the Pope was not going to take sides against him. We will write a custom essay on The English Reformation Thesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now With no cooperation, Henry decided to use Parliament to pressure Pope ClementVII into annulling his marriage. Parliament passed laws that permitted Henry toappoint bishops in his jurisdiction. He appointed Thomas Cranmer as Archbishopof York, a friend of Anne Boleyn. In 1532 she became pregnant and Henry wasseverely pressured into breaking with the Catholic Church. Because of thesituation, Parliament passed a law ending the popes authority over marriagein England. Therefore, Archbishop Cranmer annulled Henrys marriage toCatherine, letting him marry Anne Boleyn, who bore adaughter, Princess Elizabeth. Pope Clement VII then excommunicated Henry andthe entire nation of England. With the break in the Catholic Church, Parliamentpassed the Act of Supremacy, making Henry the head of the church in England,hence the Anglican Church. Henry was losing interest in Anne. She never produced a male heir, so he hadher arrested and eventually beheaded for adultery and treason. Months after Annesdeath, Henry married Jane Seymour, who bore a male heir, Edward. She died inchildbirth and Henry quickly married again. He had three more wives: Anne ofCleves, CatherineHoward, and Catherine Parr, the wife who survived him. Henry VIII died in1547, and was succeeded by his only son, Edward VI. The Anglican Church changed during the reign of Edward VI. He imposedProtestant practices his father despised. The Common Book of Prayer andAdministration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Churchwas issued by him as the official prayer book of the Anglican Church. He alsoadopted 42 articles of faith essentialfor church membership. At the age of 16, Edward VI died of tuberculosis, andwas succeeded by his sister, Mary I. Upon ascending to the throne, Mary abolished Protestantism in England andrestored Catholicism. Anglicans who resisted restoring Catholicism wereimprisoned and executed. Many people fled Marys wrath to countries abroad,embracing Calvinism. After five years on the throne, Mary I died and wassucceeded by Elizabeth I, a strong believerin Protestantism. Elizabeth restored the Anglican Church in England and passed the Act ofUniformity, which established a common prayer book and set the basic ceremoniesof the church. She also reformed Edward VIs 42-article creed to 39, creatingthe Thirty-nine Articles. The articles were the doctrinal foundation of Anglicanpractice and tradition. Thechurch in England, however, remained relatively close to Catholic ritual. .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .postImageUrl , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:hover , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:visited , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:active { border:0!important; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:active , .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176 .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u5f129ef4739ca311aa5c3881cadb0176:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Methods Of Domination EssayProtestantism in England also had great affects on an international level aswell. The king of Spain, Philip II, widowed husband of Mary I, desired to returnEngland back to Catholicism. Philip constructed the Spanish Armada to invadeEngland and dethroneElizabeth I. He allied with the Netherlands to conquer England and restoreCatholicism. However, due to bad weather and great English forces, Spain wasdefeated and its government suffered economically. The English victory overSpain secured Protestantism and stimulated nationalism and country pride. Fourteen years after the Armada, the Thirty Years War broke out in Europe. The Thirty Years War was based in Germany in regards to events in theProtestant Reformation. Germanys urge for world power curved toward Englandand France. The Danish Phase of the war involved French and English forcesagainst German Habsburgs and Catholic Spain. English and French motive was toend Habsburg control of Holstein, Germany, making it accessible to Protestantpeoples. Much of English literature was inspired by Protestantism. Writers of theModern Era believed Protestants tried to establish a more individualrelationship with God than that of the Catholic Church. They attacked Catholicpracticessaints, Latin Bibles, priests,and indulgencesas being external not internal. Oppositions were also madeby writers, such as Hobbes, who wrote Levianthan. His book expressedProtestantism as a contradiction to that of centuries of Catholic tradition. Healso claimed that Protestant theology undermined itself. Most EnglishProtestants rejected his work, claiming it washeresy. The Anglican Churchs control on love and marriage practices alsoproduced forms of love poetry. Literatures role in those days was tointerpret Protestant scripture to congregations of worshipers. Catholicinterpretations ceased due to persecution in England. Conflicts between religionand literature helped spread Christian humanism. The Protestant Reformation was inarguably one of the most controversialevents in human history. This revolution led to the end of Papal jurisdiction inWestern Europe. Protestant churches developed quickly afterwards, beginningLutheranism, Calvinism, Anabaptism, and Anglicanism. The Reformation completelyaltered medieval life andstarted the Modern Era. The power of Catholic nobility was passed to monarchsand government officials. Remaining Protestant to this day, Englandsseparation from Catholicism gained the nation political, religious, and culturalindependence. History

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Circular flow of Income and Expenditures The WritePass Journal

Circular flow of Income and Expenditures Introduction Circular flow of Income and Expenditures IntroductionBibliographyRelated Introduction In this assignment I will explain what the circular flow of income is. I will also give examples of what might cause changes in the business cycle.   I will also explain what GDP is and give examples of what its limitations are and why it’s a good form of measure.   I will also explain what automatic fiscal stabilisers are.   Finally I will discuss different types of inflation. In economics the term â€Å"circular flow of income† is just the flow of money within the economy. It shows us how the money is being circulated through the economy, for example it shows how the firms pay the households who then spend the money and it goes back to the firms, who then pay wages again to the households. This is just basically the way money goes around in the economy. Everything is somehow connected as all the money works its way around the economy and ends up where it started.   Also it shows in the diagram how the government plays its part in the flow, for example the government receive tax from the households and firms. However they then spend the money again on benefits etc and from this the benefits will be spent on products for the home, therefore the households are spending the money from the government on the firms. Again this money ends up coming back to the households and the government in wages and taxes. If the households decide they may want to sav e some of their money and put it in the banks it would be known as a leakage. However this money then gets pumped back in to the economy as firms will want loans from banks. In general all the money in the economy just goes round in circles. Here is the diagram which shows it more clearly. This diagram looks at the households and business side of the cycle. I have also got another diagram which allows us to see the full circular flow of income diagram which is just below. This diagram shows the business side aswel as the government side to it. GDP stands for gross domestic product.   GDP measures the amount of output of goods or services a country has to offer. For example goods or services which are provided by the country itself and does not include imported products or services. Imported products and services are known as GNP. However to measure the overall macroeconomic activity you could use either GDP or GNP. This is usually calculated over a year. This is not the only type of measure they can use however it is the most favourable form of measure and also it is the most comprehensive form of measure.   What makes this a useful measure is that whatever it calculates works well however it should go in to more depth and include more individual based scenario’s such as the less wealthy people. There are some limitations to the uses of GDP for example they cannot calculate each individuals needs as well as what they already have.   Therefore this means that for every person they just calculate their income on an average which would make the overall result in accurate as it will not allow the people who have a lower income to stand out from the rest in terms of living standards. The same would apply to the people who are richer as they do not stand out as having a better standard of living. This means that the figures that are shown do not necessarily show the poverty in relation to the wealth as it’s not calculated in such a way to be more accurate. Economic growth and externalities can have a negative impact on the economy as there might be a raise in the national output which could include a raise in pollution; therefore it would affect the economic welfare.   Another factor which affects it a lot is the balance between consumption and investment. For example i f the economy uses too many resources in short term needs and wants of consumers then there might not be enough resources to use for future economic development. If the resources are used up to quickly then it may have a better standard of living now however in the long run it won’t be as good due to the resources being used up to quick therefore they need to balance it more so that the economy would benefit overall, it might be that the living standards go down a little bit however in the long run the economy would be better off as they will have a better standard of living on average. Automatic fiscal stabilisers are instruments which influence the rate of growth and help counter swings in the economic cycle. An example of an automatic stabiliser could be high growth, if there was an economic growth then automatic stabilisers will help to reduce the amount of growth. However with higher growth the government will receive more taxes. As there will be more people working which means they will be more taxes to be paid to the government. Also with a higher growth there will be a fall in employment therefore the government would be spending less on unemployment benefits. When there’s a recession the automatic stabilisers will help to limit the fall in growth. So if people have got lower incomes it means that they will be paying less tax therefore the government will be spending more on unemployment benefits. There are four main types of inflation. Demand-pull inflation, cost push inflation, pricing power inflation and sectoral inflation are the four types of inflation. The main type of inflation is demand-pull inflation also known as excess demand inflation, this is when the total amount of goods or services in the economy exceed the available supply therefore the prices rise in the market economy. This is without doubt the most common type of inflation for example war materials and man power grows quickly without shrinkage elsewhere. The second most popular type of inflation is the cost push inflation which is caused by costs of production raising for one reason or another therefore this makes the prices of goods and services increase as well. Usually what makes the prices raise is the cost of wages as there may be an increase in wages which means the overall unit cost would increase which leads to a higher resale price. This type of inflation is not as common as demand-push inflation h owever it can occur independently. At the moment I think the UK is suffering from cost push inflation. The reason that the UK is suffering from this type of inflation is because the prices for pretty much everything has increased. The value of the currency has also dropped. Also as the prices are all increasing some businesses are able to cope with short term increases in price however in the long run they will be forced to close down as they are unable to meet the current pricing. This is why a lot of businesses are being forced to shut down and the number of unemployment has increased. I think the Bank of England should not put the interest rates up at the moment as the economy is unstable. I think that the Bank of England should wait till the economy is coping better when unemployment levels drop then there should be a possible increase in interest rates, however this is only if the economy is doing well and people can afford to pay the higher interest rates. Also if the prices and taxes are decrease and product prices are lower then people will have more disposable income which means they wouldn’t mind paying a slightly higher interest rate. Another reason for the interest rates not to be increased at the moment is that as there are becoming more and more job cuts across the UK less people are able to afford to purchase houses etc which means that if the base interest rates are increased then the banks will suffer again and therefore the recession will go worse. Overall I think that if anything the rates should go even lower possibly to 0% and then people will start to get credit and the economy should start to rise. This means that businesses will start to make more money which means they can expand and create more jobs. And with these jobs people can start to pay back any money they have received from the banks. Bibliography Internet (2008). Circular Flow of Income. Available: Last accessed 4th April 2011. Robert Schenk. Gross Domestic Product . Available: Last accessed 5th April 2011. Olivier Vaury. (2003). Is GDP a good measure of economic progress?*. Available: Last accessed 5th April 2011. GDP. Available:,articleId-9733.html. Last accessed 5th April 2011. Limitations of GDP when measuring living standards. Available: Last accessed 5th April 2011. (2010). Automatic Stabilisers . Available: Last accessed 6th April 2011. Types of Inflation . Available: Last accessed 6th April 2011. Book David Campbell and Tom Graig (2005). Organisations and the business environment. 2nd ed. 185.

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7 Signs You Nailed Your Interview Even if It Doesnt Feel Like It

7 Signs You Nailed Your Interview Even if It Doesnt Feel Like It If you walk out of your interview and aren’t 100% sure you nailed it (or bombed it), you might spend the next few days stewing about how it went. But you don’t have to agonize in the dark. It is possible to tell more or less how you’ll fare- even between the extremes of horrible and perfectly. Here are some telltale signs that it went well- so well that you might even get the job! 1. Your interviewer  had a good time.You genuinely got the impression that your interviewer was having a good time during the conversation. You ran over your allotted time. And beyond that, their body language suggested as much, as well. They were smiling, nodding, leaning in, and making eye contact. And the smile was genuine- with engagement of the eyes and everything.2. You got a tour.Did your interviewer, after your conversation, show you around the office before showing you out? This is a good indicator that they’re seriously considering you. Bonus points if they introduced you to any members of your would-be team.3. You felt like they were selling you.Your interviewer made a point of trying to sell you on the company- they didn’t just watch you do backflips to try  to prove your worth. For example,  if they spend a lot of time talking about company policies, benefits, and perks and pay, you’re probably golden.4. They asked for references.Typically, hiring managers don’t bother asking for references they aren’t going to bother calling. If you’re asked for yours, that’s a good sign and usually means they plan on contacting your recommenders. Bonus points if they also mention they’ll be running a background check; these are expensive and they don’t run them willy nilly.5. There was a lingering goodbye.Did it seem like your interviewer, when walking you out, didn’t quite want you to leave? Did she stick around loitering in the lobby with you making idle conversation? These are signs of ho w comfortable she feels with you- as if you’re already a colleague, not a candidate.6. Follow-up is made explicit.Instead of a vague not to â€Å"being in touch,† the follow-up process is discussed with particulars. They ask about your timeline and interview status. They make references to the next steps, and not just in a generic way. Maybe they let you know exactly when to expect to hear from them†¦ and ask how best you can be reached.7. You get called back in for another round.Only finalists make the second round of interviews. Congrats, you’re on your way! Now you just have to do the whole thing over again. Show up, dress nicely, sparkle, and be engaging and confident without being arrogant or smug. Remember to send a handwritten thank you note for that interview, as well. Repeat all the good things you did for round one, and hopefully you’ll have that same good gut feeling after. That’s usually another good sign that you just might land t he job.

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Multimedia Networking VoIP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Multimedia Networking VoIP - Essay Example From the Stone Age till the modern era, man has practically swirling the entire world around him, (not moving himself).(Seiver,2007) Since the break of dawn on the twenty-first century, technology has been man’s new mantra. He thinks it and breathes it. Every set of goals is judged by technology. Technology is one of man’s greatest weapons. Many fear it, whereas many caress it. Some use it abominably whereas some require it as a necessity. In this day, technology zooms and buzzes around our heads, making us â€Å"King of the mountain†. Many of our lives are in luxury because technology blesses us with its presence in our homes and offices and other business fields. It all started with a pair of wool or skins of the cattle. From that it went into an inferno of light and electricity. Then the telephone was the next. And from this point our topic starts.(McKenna,2009) Telephone and its uses are common to all. This device was used for the purpose of talking to family , friends and other loved ones. This was further worked on until it was transformed into a teeny tiny device, known as â€Å"Cellular phone†.(Dodd,2010) The discovery of â€Å"Internet†- A blessing in disguise or another hidden horror- caused a whirlpool to sweep the public of its feet. Internet and phone combined to give off, God knows, millions of new deices like IP-PBX, (Internet Protocol –Private Branch Exchange). ... The joining of external phone lines helps in accommodating more users in a quicker and effective way. The IP PBX serves somewhere between the VoIP user and the more traditional user or sometimes between 2 local users similar to how a normal PBX works. The IP PBX works together with the voice signals through the IP, adding considerable advantages of the IP telephony to this particular system. The IP PBX can work both as a physical system as well as a virtual system. The physical system joins cards with FXO/FXS ports to work, while the virtual system is known as more of a software solution and it also works with soft phones and VoIP gateways,(Holden,2009) thus lowering the overall cost without compromising over the call quality. Complete functions of a traditional PBX are carried out by the IP PBX with additional special and advanced functions that are only possible via the IP system. The most notable advantage of the IP PBX is its flexibility and easy compatibility. The system is â₠¬Å"redundant†; this basically means in a way it has a backward compatibility. The latest systems use the old TDM technology which has the advanced messaging platform. This allows the system to have more advanced functions like voicemail, conferencing, call forwarding etc.(Wellingford,2005) The system proves to be very flexible as moving of the system or addition of new users can be done very easily. There are two major types of the IP PBX; the one which is hosted and the non hosted IP PBX. The hosted IP PBX implies that only basic VoIP accessories are required by the actual company and the main equipment is hosted by a separate company. The hosted system means we just have to

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Improving or Enhancing Quality and Competency Development at the Dissertation

Improving or Enhancing Quality and Competency Development at the Nursing Facuilty Using Leadership skills - Dissertation Example The proposed research aims to explore the strategies that can be applied in improving nursing teaching using the leadership skills. The objectives of the study include identifying the leadership strategies that can be applied in improving teaching, assessing the teaching needs of the nursing faculty, evaluating the effective approaches applicable in improving these needs and developing a practical strategy capable of improving the teaching environment. The primary method of data collection will involve questionnaires. Journals and books will be used to provide secondary information source related to the topic of study. Table of Contents A Research Proposal on Strategies of Improving Quality and Competency Development in Nursing Faculty Using Leadership skills 1 Abstract 1 Leadership is the interpersonal process that involves motivating and guiding others to achieve goals. Leadership involves the use of interpersonal skills to influence others in the accomplishment accomplish a specif ic goal. ... The objectives of the study include identifying the leadership strategies that can be applied in improving teaching, assessing the teaching needs of the nursing faculty, evaluating the effective approaches applicable in improving these needs and developing a practical strategy capable of improving the teaching environment. The primary method of data collection will involve questionnaires. Journals and books will be used to provide secondary information source related to the topic of study. 1 Table of Contents 2 PURPOSE OF STUDY 3 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 3 AIM 8 OBJECTIVES 8 RESEARCH QUESTION 8 Pre-Observation Interview Questions 10 Post-Observation Interview Questions 10 DATA ANALYSIS 12 Statistical figures such as charts and graphs will be used in the analysis of quantitative data. Descriptive statistics will also be used to ascertain the demographic characteristics of the sample. Qualitative data will be analysed through content analysis. 12 CONCLUSION 12 RATIONAL Improving nursing te aching requires exceptional leadership with the will to promote change, ambition to set high-level goals and commitment in implementation. Application of leadership skills involves being clear about the goals to be applied in the improvement of the organisational goals, agreeing on an effective approach for implementation and focusing on the implementation and monitoring progress. Global nursing faculties are looking for the most cost-effective and quality means of delivering efficient nursing education, with the main focus being improving the employee competence. PURPOSE OF STUDY The purpose of the study is to identify the strategies of improving teaching in faculties through application of the leadership skills.

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Man in the Crowd Essay Example for Free

Man in the Crowd Essay The epigraph at the beginning of â€Å"The Man in the Crowd† brings up the interesting question of what it really means to be alone. While the actual definition of alone is â€Å"quite by oneself, unaccompanied, solitary,† (â€Å"Alone†) the story, through the narrator’s thoughts and the observations of the nameless man in the crowd, can serve as a different perspective on being alone if applied beyond the situation in the tale. The epigraph says how terrible it is to never be alone, and the story serves as a metaphor for Poe to comment on how he views someone’s ability to actually be apart from the crowd. The story goes to show how social norms, thoughts of others, and inherent desires limit someone from ever being truly alone. Poe seems to believe that people are always a part society and are never fully separate and that possibly no one actually wishes to escape the crowd entirely. The thoughts of the narrator of the story represent how thoughts of others create unknowing connections that make it so no one is alone. The narrator serves as a direct example of the opinions people form while viewing others. He â€Å"regard[s] with the minute interest the innumerable varieties of figure, dress, air, gait, visage, and expression of countenance† (Poe, 233) of the individuals in the crowd. If he sees a person with â€Å"a filmy dimness of eye† and talking with â€Å"a guarded lowness of tone in conversation† then he assumes he is a gambler that â€Å"prey[s] upon the public† (Poe, 234). He uses the aforementioned characteristics to determine what type of person he or she is and ranks them on a â€Å"scale of what is termed gentility† (Poe, 234). Each person is objectified in the narrator’s mind upon observations of their clothing, cleanliness, and facial expressions. The narrator thinks that he can guess the occupation and lifestyle of a person by simply seeing them for less than a second. He then forms opinions of the people he sees and they have no way of knowing that he has those thoughts. Although, a person is unaware of the thoughts of others, thoughts create a connection between people. The narrator is connected to the people in the crowd because he is thinking about them. They are oblivious of the connection, but because of the narrator and his thoughts, they are, in a sense, there with someone else. The mysterious man that the narrator sees demonstrates that even when alone, it is impossible to be alone in the true sense of the word. Even in the large crowd, the people who are not walking or talking with anyone still combine with everyone else to make â€Å"continuous tides of population† (Poe, 233). They, although not interacting with anyone else, are always a part of society. The man that intrigues the narrator is a loner that, although unique, is still a part of the crowd. The man fits into no set group of people that the narrator names because of his contradictory and confusing appearance. His clothes were made of â€Å"linen, although dirty, (with a) beautiful texture† (Poe 236), suggesting that he is wealthy but does not care enough to look presentable. The â€Å"idiosyncrasy of (his) expression† (Poe, 234) is the greatest contributing factor to why the man cannot be grouped. The man does not fit any of the social norms of society, yet he combines with all of the people to form the crowd. Poe might be suggesting that even though the man in the crowd believes he is alone, he has the narrator following him and thinking about him. Since he is occupying the narrator’s mind for so long, the man is making a bigger difference in the crowd than he thinks he is. Poe proves through the mysterious man that even when alone, a person is making a difference and influencing his or her surroundings. The narrator’s feelings towards the crowd and the man’s anxiety when he is not within a crowd represent the need the narrator has to be a part of it. The narrator having been sick for a few months is craving the sight of others and is filled with â€Å"a delicious novelty of emotion† (Poe, 233) when he sees the crowd. The narrator’s joy at seeing others shows his unspoken desire to be a part of the outside world. He is drawn into the crowd because of the innate wish to be involved with others and his natural curiosity for them. The feeling of being together with others gives him a sense of belonging a purpose. The narrator says that the man â€Å"with every mark of agitation, pursues rapidly a route which brought (them) to the verge of the city† (Poe, 238) because â€Å"he refuses to be alone† (Poe, 239). The man wants to be surrounded by people and shows visibly that it is upsetting to not be so. Poe could be using the man’s agitation as a symbol of how the narrator subconsciously feels about the crowd. The mysterious man represents how the narrator desires to be with others and feel a sense of belonging to the crowd. Poe’s definition of being alone in the story, if applied in more general terms, seems to be if a person can actually separate from others in society. From the narrator and his pursuit of the mysterious man, it can be concluded that Poe does not believe that the separation is possible. It is the thoughts of others and the influences of actions that make it impossible for someone to escape the outside world. But more importantly than the fact that people cannot elude the opinions and preconceptions of others, is that people want to be noticed. Making a difference and influencing something is an inherent goal for the majority of people. The combination of the inability to escape everyone else and the desire people have to be apart of a group make it impossible to be, at least in the story, alone. â€Å"Alone.† Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 2011. Web. 13 Nov. 2011. Poe, Edgar A, and Gary R. Thompson. The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe: Authoritative Texts, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism. New York: W.W. Norton Co, 2004. Print.